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Memphians Resistance to Kyle Rittenhouse's Campus Visit Sparks Viral TikTok Video

Jason Farmer talking with Turning Point USA

The recent invitation of Kyle Rittenhouse, notorious for his involvement in the Kenosha shootings, by an organization affiliated with Turning Point USA has sparked widespread controversy and opposition, particularly in Memphis, a city with a substantial African American population. Rittenhouse, armed during the protests in Kenosha, claimed to be protecting businesses amidst civil unrest, but his actions, amidst the racial context of the protests, have been met with severe criticism.

Students holding signs to show their lack of support

The juxtaposition of Rittenhouse's invitation with the historical tensions reminiscent of events like the Memphis Riot of 1866 serves as a stark reminder of enduring racial discord and systemic vulnerabilities. The riot, triggered by a white officer's attempt to arrest a black ex-soldier, resulted in widespread violence targeting black civilians, exacerbated by authorities. The aftermath of the riot left devastation in Memphis's black community, with no accountability for the perpetrators, exposing enduring impunity amid racial tensions.

Red sign say"Hate Speech Isn't Welcome Here"
"Hate Speech Isn't Welcome Here"

In Memphis, where community resistance against Rittenhouse's visit is palpable, a viral TikTok clip showcasing the local tradition of "checkin" has garnered attention, reflecting the community's disdain for his presence. The tradition of "checkin," characterized by witty roasting sessions, underscores the creative and humorous aspects of Memphis's local culture while emphasizing the community's strong opposition to Rittenhouse.

Students are reacting to seeing footage of Kyle Rittenhouse in some the university

The viral TikTok clip captures the essence of community resistance, with individuals humorously mocking the absurdity of police officers being assigned to provide security for Rittenhouse. Comments on the clip express incredulity at Rittenhouse being given a platform to speak, highlighting the broader sentiment against his involvement in the city.

CheeseUs's remark about police officers being assigned to Rittenhouse's security elicits laughter and disbelief. Delaney's question about the relevance of Rittenhouse's speech at a college resonates with many, questioning the necessity of his presence.

University students checkin "roasting" to show their lack of support
"you ever hear 'wassup mane' in Memphis run fast"-Mr.Rogue

The "checkin" tradition not only showcases the community's creative and humorous response to Rittenhouse's visit but also serves as a form of resistance against his involvement. The lighthearted yet poignant commentary reflects the community's refusal to accept Rittenhouse and the broader issues his presence represents.

Unity is shown with a sign that reads " Unity is the only written rule in this house"
"Unity is the only Ritten rule in this house"

In conclusion, the viral TikTok clip highlighting the "checkin" tradition in Memphis underscores the community's strong opposition to Kyle Rittenhouse's controversial visit. Through humor and wit, Memphians express their disdain for Rittenhouse's presence and the broader issues of racial discord and systemic injustices. As the community continues to resist, it stands as a testament to the resilience and solidarity of those advocating for justice and equality.

A man playing the drums with a man playing the saxaphone


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