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Flex Package


2 Hours Max


At just $75, this package covers travel expenses to most locations in Memphis, ensuring that capturing your moments is not only convenient but also budget-friendly.

With a maximum booking duration of 2 hours, the Flex Package is perfect for those seeking a quick and efficient photography session. All images from your session come with basic edits, providing a polished touch to your memories. Please note that retouching is not included in this package. Our unique pricing structure allows you to tailor your investment based on your specific needs. You have the freedom to purchase images individually, and the pricing is determined by the license and quality of the images. For those destined for your website or social media, we offer web-sized images at just $10 each – an ideal choice for online presence. Alternatively, if you're looking to adorn your walls with high-resolution prints, we offer High Resolution images at a cost of $50 per image. This per-image pricing model ensures that you have maximum flexibility in curating your collection. Whether it's for web usage or printing, you can choose the images that perfectly suit your vision. It's your story, your way.

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